Carrières bij NRG.

NRG is the only nuclear service provider in Netherlands. Our clients are major international companies. Our motive is to ensure a supply of carbon-free energy, a cleaner environment and better health. Our business is specialized, technical services in the field of risk, safety and optimization of business operations in the nuclear, oil and gas and petrochemical sector. The unique and internationally renowned nuclear.

Research technician microscopist

Your role is to:

- Perform wide variety of metallography study (light microscope, SEM, EDS/WDS, EBSD) including the sample preparation, on nuclear materials, as a part of national or international research/commercial projects;

You have:

- A bachelor's or HBO degree in a relevant discipline like material science, physics, chemistry or engineering;

You are:

- Focused on quality and safety;

What do we offer:

- Competitive salary, depending on education and work experience;

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